Authentic lifestyles; professionally captured


You give us the gear; we’ll give you a story

Here at Ultralite Films we believe in removing the disguise of real-world characters and moments. Why replicate reality when we can capture it? Replace the actors with genuine people; don’t create the drama when you can capture the real thing. We pride ourselves as capable storytellers who want to capture and share the stories of actual people experience authentic moments.

There’s no faking real blood, sweat and tears.

from text to full-fledged films

We want to provide you with galleries of images, well-crafted words and messaging, and sequences of cinematic moments that your brand can leverage across multiple platforms from print to theater. Our team is not only scale-able and flexible, but capable and durable. We are climbers, cowboys, emergency responders, globe trotters, and genuinely good people who are storytellers above all. We want to capture and leverage human interest stories for brands and causes that will help the world.