Ultralite Films 2014 American Advertising Awards (ADDY'S)

The American Advertising Federation hosts one of the most recognized award ceremonies in the industry, aptly named the American Advertising Awards. Held at the local, district, and national levels, the awards, formerly known as the ADDYS, recognize the best of the best in print, digital, and broadcast marketing materials.

Therefore, we were honored to win six awards at this year's Fort Worth ADDYS, including a "Best of Show" and "Special Judges Award." We are even more honored that our project "JFK: Dissident Voices" won a silver at district and is now slated to compete at the national level. 

We are extremely excited for the recognition of dedication to our clients to provide superior quality video based in Fort Worth, Texas. We want to thank everybody who worked with us on these projects and look forward to creating more throughout the year. 

Grand Trunk: Goods For The RoadSpecial Judges AwardGold: Digital Advertising

Crossfit North Arlington: What is Crossfit?Silver: Cinematography

The JFK Unspoken Speech Project: Words Alone; Best of Show Broadcasting, Gold: Public Service, Silver: Audio/Visual