How Much Do Your Videos Cost?

How much does it cost to make a video? That's the question we probably get asked the most. (That and do you have any internships available).

Well, the answer varies. 

First thing first, we call ourselves Ultralite Films because - although we are a full service video production company - we think of ourselves as being light and fast and oftentimes more inexpensive than many other comparable production companies. Gone are the days of needing massive production crews with 18 wheelers full of equipment. Advances in new tech have simply made video production much more fluid and malleable. We can create projects today at a fraction of the price of what it would have cost ten years ago. 

Our goal is to craft the best cinematic videos possible and, due to our company structure and new technological developments, we are able to create any sized project with variable footprint crews. 

We work with the full spectrum of latest gear available and combine both our internal directors and crews with the best sourced talent to customize productions for each and every video we create. We understand that not every client needs a ten camera, 6K resolution setup with massive crew. We also understand that some clients do. 

Video production is simply about problem solving, and that's where Ultralite Films excels. Working hand-in-hand with clients, our producers learn every detail of what our clients want to communicate, and then they figure out how to get that done. 

Video production is simply about problem solving, and that’s where Ultralite Films excels.

When clients come through our door, one of the first things we do is have an honest discussion about their budget. While we have a set minimum to maintain the level of quality that is expected of Ultralite Films, once we know that budget, our variable footprint comes into play, and we are able to customize the production based upon that client's needs. 

Here's our overall pricing philosophy:

Say a major national brand or their ad agency comes to us with a large budget for a multi-day shoot that will broadcast as a Super Bowl commercial. We identify one of our award-winning directors, customize our crew and assets, and walk hand-in-hand with the client to produce a video that is both creative and marketable. 

On the other hand, a non-profit client with a great cause has a completely minimal budget, but they also need a creative and marketable video. The Ultralite Films' mentality tells us we can take a talented young director with a camera phone and create an Instagram video campaign that is both creative and marketable. Boom - problem solved. 

See? Both final videos are excellent in their purpose and accomplish their respective goals. We just go about them in different ways. THAT's variable footprint video production.

Here's the overall hard costs: 

The main thing to understand is there are THREE major components to creating a video:

1. Pre-production

2. Production

3. Post-production

Let's break those down: 


This includes aspects like the overall concept, script, and storyboard. Do you need us to produce a full script to screen project or is your concept already nailed down? All of those details affect pricing. Other aspects of pre-production are determining your deadline and usage of the project. Will your video be for national broadcast or YouTube? 


Lights, camera, action. This is where we're on set and actually shooting the project. How large is the project, and how many days will we be filming? Where and how many locations are we filming? Who will we be filming? Internal employees or professional talent? These are all questions we ask to make sure no detail is overlooked. 


Once the director yells "Cut!" for the last time, your project moves into the final phase for completion: the post-production phase. This includes details like editing, music, animation, and distribution. Ultralite Films has a simple formula for determining how much the post-production will cost and an exceedingly streamlined system for maintaining constant communication with our clients during this process. 

So there you go! Hopefully this gives a very clear view into how we price our videos. While we will never sacrifice our quality to meet a budget, we do understand that budgets vary, and we are experts at navigating those waters. 

Feel free to give us a shout here to get a free consultation with one of our producers and see how we can work with you to create your next great video.