The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist

While all of Ultralite Films' clients have various questions about video production, we have come to recognize a few key questions that are more common regarding the various techniques and tools used to produce quality video. Therefore, we asked some of our trusted partners - all experts in their respective fields - to address these common themes and explain exactly what goes into the components of commercial video production. This is the first in our new series giving you an in-depth look at exactly what goes into our projects. 

Lisa Gleeson works regularly with Ultralite Films on our video productions in and around Austin, Texas, and has graciously agreed to speak with us on the subject of professional makeup. Lisa has been an in-demand professional for over 16 years specializing in lifestyle and commercial projects with clients including Best Buy, Target, and Reebok to name a few.

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UF: Thanks for sitting down with us Lisa. I guess the first question is why should a client use a professional makeup artist in the first place?

LG: The art of makeup is a craft and an essential part to any video shoot involving people. A professional makeup artist is specially trained in different makeup techniques, color theory, studio and environmental lighting, temperature, and how they affect a production. They must collaborate with the art director, creative director, videographer, and talent to ensure the shoot flows seamlessly and the desired look is achieved. Makeup artists are typically the first person in which the talent has any interaction. Therefore, one of the most important jobs a makeup artist must do is to make the talent feel comfortable and secure enough to give the videographer the best shots possible. On set, a professional makeup artist watches the makeup, hair, and also wardrobe - giving the videographer the freedom to concentrate on getting the perfect shots. We are a much needed extra set of eyes on set.

UF: What is so special about professional makeup?

LG: Professional makeup artists use a wide range of professional products from vastly different lines to achieve a flawless look. These products are specifically created for HD video/TV; that means they will last throughout the day, stand up to humidity and intense lighting while still looking and feeling incredibly natural. Professional makeup is also beneficial for covering scars, bruises, tattoos, black eyes, dark eye circles, and for correcting skin pigment issues. And if you need special effects, professional makeup is the only kind that will give believable results.

UF: Is it always necessary to hire a professional makeup artist?

LG: If you want your project to be the best that it can be, then yes.

UF: What if we're only shooting men?

LG: It is extremely important to use a professional makeup artist even when shooting men. Men naturally have dark circles under their eyes which needs color correction. Also, the intense lights on a shoot bounce light off of high foreheads and bald heads making them appear shiny. A lot of time, men need grooming for a five o'clock shadow, bushy eyebrows, etc.

UF: How would you describe the on-set balance between a makeup artist and a production company?

LG: A makeup artist is part of the production crew and therefore has a solid relationship with them, such as I do with Ultralite Films. We know how to work together to achieve the best results for the client. 

UF: Are clients paying for the makeup or the actual makeup artist?

LG: They are paying for both. Remember, a professional makeup artist IS a professional, so you are also paying for their time as you would in any other profession.