RISE Clothing Co.


Our latest featured project is a 90 second broadcast commercial for the athletic sports brand, RISE Clothing Co., headquartered in Dallas, Texas. RISE is a fashionable athleisure brand that motivates people to be passionate and is creatively designed for athletic workouts or to be worn outside the gym.

Ultralite Films: Our Foundation

It has been a busy and rewarding year thus far as our team has worked tirelessly to build one of the newest emerging video production companies in America. Our goal is not to produce just simple videos, but craft cinematic and marketable films to everyone from businesses to non-profits to individuals that will inspire and educate others to do great things.

Ultralite Films is a team of like-minded people whose sole purpose it is to tell visual stories and be true to ourselves and our loved ones. Our name conveys the premise of being "light and fast" in an ever-changing world of new technology and multimedia. We possess the latest equipment and finest talent the industry has to offer in order to produce films that are substantially less expensive than any reputable competitors out there. We aren't trying to overtake a market where a number of production companies exist -- but rather we simply love what we do and we love our clients.

It truly is a new age where small businesses can create the same types of traditionally "big-budget" projects that multimillion dollar companies have produced in the past. The advent of newer and lighter cameras that are shooting at exceptionally higher quality along with ever-changing production gear that allows a team to get in and get out and create a revolutionary product is what we're all about. 

We actually get it. We understand what you want - a great video piece, whether that's an internet spot or a 30-minute documentary, that is forged with the highest quality and doesn't consume your entire budget in tons of additional costs. That's what we think is the beauty of today's day and age: there is so much to be created, and we have the ability to create it for you. 

As I wrote earlier, this year has been extremely busy. From navigating Colorado ice canyons to diving with whale sharks in Mexico; from filming open heart surgeries and producing documentaries,  each of us has been committed to building the finest company available to clients. Now we're here and we would like to get to know you. Feel free to get in touch and stop by our Fort Worth, Texas, video production studio, located near the heart of downtown. We'd like to get to know you. Remember, we like telling stories and we want to tell your story. 

Please at our latest production reel for 2013. We are Ultralite Films - we are crafted to inspire. www.ultralitefilms.com

-- Bud Force