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ice climbing in colorado

Ice climber David Roetzel is the first person to free solo every major ice formation in Colorado's famed East Vail. This involved climbing more than 1,000 feet of ice in a single day without fall protection. "In most sports, you can funnel adrenaline into the sport itself. In ice climbing, however, you must stand their motionless and calmly accept it." - David Roetzel Ultralite Films partnered with David Roetzel to create a film about his philosophy as a free solo ice climber (climbing without the use of fall protection) and to explore why someone would undertake such an extreme level of risk. What we learned is it has little to do with public recognition or fame; however, it is about learning to control one's mind under extreme duress. Meticulous planning and countless hours of training blend into a feat achieved by few in a medium of art unknown to most.